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The Livejournal Realists

....a place for keeping it Real!

The Livejouirnal Realists
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Welcome to the Livejournal Realists...a place to keep it Real!

The Livejournal Realists is a society started for those who believe in the philosophy of Livejournal Realism, and want to live according to that philosophy, whether or not it is trendy or popular. Finally!

Some things we like to talk about are: Listed below!

In order to join, make sure to display an Icon that meets with Realist standards (if you're not too familiar with that then just say "hey what is that" to a member). It would also be good to post the Realist badge somewhere on your own web site. Your first post (before you comment) should be a self-intro and also mention why you believe in LJ Realism. The rules of membership are subject to change so you should check back here sometimes to make sure you are "in the know" :).

Here is the LJ Realist badge (for official use ONLY):