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August 22nd, 2006

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02:24 pm - poster of the year!
I read a short article about a Mpls woman who makes it her work to attempt to preserve and renovate unpopular historic landscape and architecture sites in the style of Midcentury Modern. They are not old enough to be considered officially historic at this point (1960's) and the public tends to dislike them because they're concrete and "ugly" and out of fashion. Peavey Plaza is an example of a work she is crackin' away at, without pay I do believe. The thing that caught my attention the most (other than the initial spark due to me myself liking Midcentury Modern) is that this woman is doing something I generally associate with championing public good but for a wholly unlauded cause that the public is uninterested in. What a cool weirdo.

*edit: her name is Jean Garbarini and she works for Close Landscape Architecture.

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